Estate planning for complex family situations.

Parenting When You’re Gone.

Our estate planning attorneys help families with complex issues plan for the future when they’re gone.

Children with special needs, and even some adult children, may need financial and care structure throughout their lives. Because of our estate planning expertise with more complicated situations,  we can help craft right solution — whether it is a trust or guardianship option or securing financial stewardship going forward.

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Parenting When You’re Gone

A step-by-step guide for setting up an estate plan for children who will need guidance

Expertise with Customized Trusts for Special Needs

“Our financial planner suggested that because of changing tax laws, we should consider a dynastic trust. As we have a granddaughter on the autistic spectrum, there were other considerations as well. Ellen was very knowledgeable about customizing a trust to suit our unique needs. She set up a dynasty trust for us with special needs provisions to protect and provide for our granddaughter. Ellen understands the issues with special needs children because she is part of that community. ”

– Dave and Jan Banks

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