Limited Conservatorship

We no longer assist with Limited Conservatorships, but we are happy to provide referrals to attorneys who do prepare them.  We also happily provide resources on our website and our YouTube channel to assist you in the process.

A conservatorship is basically a process in California where a person can go to court and seek to obtain control over an individual over age 18.  Compare this to a guardianship, which is the ability to make decisions for minors. There are 3 types of conservatorships:

General Conservatorship

A general conservatorship is typically used for elderly individuals who have dementia or other illnesses so they are not able to manage their finances, make health care decisions, etc.

LPS Conservatorship

An LPS conservatorship can be imposed over a person with grave mental health challenges who is a danger to themselves or others.

Limited Conservatorship

A limited conservatorship can be sought for developmentally disabled adults.  We want developmentally disabled individuals to be as independent as possible, so the idea is that one should only seek to get power over the individual in areas which are needed.  The adult must be a client of the regional center where the individual lives.

There are 7 powers that a person can seek over a developmentally disabled person (the “proposed conservatee”):

  • To decide where the conservatee lives
  • To access confidential records of the conservatee
  • To enter into contracts
  • To give or withhold medical consent
  • To make decisions concerning education

  • To consent or withhold consent to marriage
  • To control the conservatee’s social and sexual relationships

Setting up A Limited Conservatorship

Learn the requirements and powers to request for a limited Conservatorship. This checklist will walk you through each step.

Process for a Limited Conservatorship

It typically takes three to six months to obtain a limited conservatorship, and you always have to go through the court system in the county where the proposed conservatee lives.   Here are the main steps involved in obtaining a limited conservatorship:

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